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100 Things

Can’t believe I haven’t done one of these yet.

  1. My name is Neil.
  2. You probably gathered that from the title of the site.
  3. My surname is Turner.
  4. Which is annoying because it’s a very common and boring surname.
  5. If/when I marry I wouldn’t insist on her changing her surname.
  6. Yes, I’m heterosexual.
  7. No, I’m not homophobic. Not in the least.
  8. Or sexist. Some of my best friends are girls.
  9. Or racist. At least half my friends aren’t white.
  10. I don’t like to have prejudices.
  11. I can’t always avoid them, but I try.
  12. Really.
  13. I probably have more good friends in the real world than online.
  14. None of my real world friends have blogs.
  15. Apart from my cousin.
  16. I’m from the UK.
  17. It’s a great country.
  18. I’m proud to be British.
  19. I’m also proud to be European.
  20. Some aspects of the US annoy me.
  21. Like George W. Bush.
  22. And right-wing idiots.
  23. But others don’t.
  24. I’d like to visit the US someday.
  25. I’ve only been out of Europe once.
  26. I went to Barbados.
  27. It was amazing.
  28. I’m not scared of flying.
  29. But I hate sleeping on planes.
  30. I’d also like to visit Ireland.
  31. And the Netherlands.
  32. And Germany.
  33. I spent 4 years learning German.
  34. I spent 7 years speaking French.
  35. I can speak French quite well.
  36. But my English is better.
  37. I have a very plain accent.
  38. I like people with interesting accents.
  39. I can do a reasonably good brummie accent if I try.
  40. I’ve only been to Birmingham twice.
  41. It’s not as bad as everyone says it is.
  42. York is better though.
  43. But then I’m biased.
  44. I was born in York.
  45. I have also lived in Bradford.
  46. Which isn’t as bad as everyone says it is.
  47. But it’s still not very good.
  48. But it is cheap.
  49. I’d really like to live in Leeds.
  50. Or possibly Manchester.
  51. I’m single.
  52. I would like a girlfriend.
  53. But I’m not in a hurry to get one.
  54. I do think sex before marraige is okay.
  55. But I wouldn’t do it with just anyone.
  56. I’m a seculist.
  57. I have no religious beliefs.
  58. I try hard to respect other people’s beliefs.
  59. Hinduism looks like an interesting religion.
  60. Some aspects of Christianity bug me.
  61. But it does have its good points.
  62. I studied Religious Education at school.
  63. I didn’t have a choice in the matter.
  64. I got a B.
  65. I’m now doing a degree in Computing.
  66. It’s great.
  67. I wouldn’t want to do anything else.
  68. Computers are cool.
  69. But sometimes they annoy me.
  70. I never take a computer on holiday with me.
  71. I’m glad I don’t.
  72. Laptops are very useful.
  73. I have a laptop.
  74. Windows is alright.
  75. Internet Explorer sucks.
  76. Mozilla doesn’t.
  77. Linux is promising.
  78. But not yet ready for primetime.
  79. I really want a Mac.
  80. All my software is legal.
  81. Most of it was free anyway.
  82. Open source is a good thing.
  83. I wish I was a better programmer.
  84. I am learning, gradually.
  85. I don’t have much motivation.
  86. I procastinate far too much.
  87. I’d probably get better grades if I did more work.
  88. But then you’re only young once.
  89. I enjoy going out with friends.
  90. I wish I could do it more often.
  91. I love to listen to music.
  92. Half my hard disk is used up for music.
  93. I mostly like trance.
  94. But pop music is usually alright.
  95. R’n’B and garage is okay sometimes.
  96. I don’t mind alternative music.
  97. But I prefer trance.
  98. I can sing.
  99. Sort of.
  100. I can’t play any musical instruments.
  101. Apart from chopsticks on the keyboard.
  102. I wouldn’t mind learning.
  103. But I don’t have much motivation.
  104. I have Sash!’s autographs.
  105. I used to like them a lot.
  106. I still think they’re okay.
  107. I have their first 3 albums.
  108. I used to own a fan site for them.
  109. I got bored of it.
  110. This is my longest running web site.
  111. I’m very proud of that fact.
  112. Sometimes I wish this site was more popular.
  113. I like reading comments from visitors.
  114. I don’t like deleting comments.
  115. I wish people wouldn’t flame me.
  116. Particularly people who know me in real life.
  117. I had intended to only write 100 things.
  118. This is the 118th thing.
  119. I’d better stop soon.
  120. But thanks for reading.


  1. # Windows is alright.
    # Internet Explorer sucks.
    # Mozilla doesn

  2. hello – I’m just some random person from scotland who accidently found your site and think you deserve a girlfriend and York is great… going there in 2 weeks (again) and have nothing better to do tonight…