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Templates updated is the first site I’ve seen that is using my templates. I hadn’t realised how uncannily similar it makes the site look compared to mine, but hey, imitation is supposedly the sincerest form of flattery :).

Anyway, I’ve made 3 minor modifications to the templates, which are as follows:

  • Fixed unclosed <div> tag in the Individual Entry Archive (at the end of the Trackback section).
  • Fixed minor rendering issue with the stylesheet (the sidebar was made 5 pixels thinner and lost its border so it didn’t overlap with the main content panel).
  • Fixed clumsy ‘This blog has X entries posted to this blog’ sentence in the Main Index template.

If, like you have already added the templates, you will need to download the zip file and then replace or modify the 3 changed templates in your MT installation. Sorry for the inconvinience.

One Comment

  1. Neil, I’m rebuilding my blog from scratch. I really like your templates, thanks for giving them away free. I’m going to use them on my new MT blog at One question though: I think I downloaded the original “bad” zip file without the 3 fixes (I see the missing space in the Statistics line). Can you give me the link to the updated zip file? (please send those links you offered as well)… Thanks again…