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Tracking back to Blogroots

It’s getting late, so I’m going to steal Andy’s post about this subject:

Discovered that Blogroots has a page created from other blogs that discuss blogging tools. By editing MovableTypes Categories, every time you post about a weblogging post, it automatically trackbacks to the blogpopuli page. Instructions (which are easy to follow if you are using MovableType are available at Blogroots : TrackBack How-To

As you can imagine, I’ve added that as a feature. Adam Kalsey, Richy C and Six Log are already in on the act, so I’m in good company.

While I was there I also found this Manual Trackback script, which I’ll add at some point for those unable to ping me. But not tonight. Tonight, I need sleep. Badly.

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  1. It was Richy’s post about your template donation that tipped me off to the page.