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Movable Type Meetup

There’s a Movable Type Global Meetup on August 11th in various cities around the world, according to Movable Type News. The nearest one to me is in London, and, although I probably could go, I’d ideally like to wait until I know that a few other bloggers that I’m familiar with are going. Of the three bloggers on my blogroll that I’ve met before, Richy and Kevin are Movable Typists (Kevin is also my cousin’s husband, which is why I’ve met him before… :)), but I imagine they’ll both be working, what with the 11th being a Monday. There’s also Andy, Richard and Sian who are Brits and MT users who I’ve yet to meet, and there’s Ben who’s a Brit living in Sweden but moving to Italy.
The annoying thing about Meetup is that the map links point to Yahoo Maps. Which is fine for US users but useless for Brits since Yahoo doesn’t offer that service to the UK audience. I want London, UK, not London, TX.
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  1. I’ll be working to….although couldn’t they have it in the evening? (not in London though!)
    You could always organise a Northern one Neil)

  2. I was thinking of going as well: but August the 11th is a Monday. Shame. Weekends would have been a lot better…

  3. I too am working on the Monday. I’ll be in a new job by then too, so taking a day off almost as soon as I start is probably a little unreasonable. To be honest, I wouldn’t fancy travelling all the way down to London anyway. I haven’t been south of The Wash in a good five years and I’m not unhappy with that situation ;o)