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Blogathon 2003 from the sidelines

This is my first post today, so, as you may be able to guess by the time, I’m not taking part in this year’s Blogathon, although I have pledged US$10 to Firda. I’d toyed with the idea of taking part, but I’m not the sort of person who can stay awake for 24 hours solid, unfortunately. I was also hoping to take part in a group weblog with some of the ODP editors but we never really got anything organised, and also the editor forums have been offline for the past 3 days because the server they are on is being replaced (they should be back up in a couple of hours though).
So what have I done today? Well, the intention was to visit the open day at the Great Northern Railway works in Doncaster, to take photos of the various steam trains there. Instead, I ended up taking picture of canal boats in Manchester. I’d better explain, hadn’t I?

We got to Doncaster station to find the platforms full of trainspotters. No, I’m not joking – there were loads of them, some even with deckchairs so that they could sit down with their notebooks and flasks.
The works are just next to the station, so we headed out, where we had to join the queue. The end of the queue was about half a mile away at the other end of the car park, and wasn’t exactly moving quickly. Faced with an hour waiting just to get into the place, we decided to give up.
A train to Manchester was due to leave in 10 minutes time, so, as none of us had been to Manchester all that recently, we went there.
We followed the Rochdale Canal along past The Village, calling off at the Rain Bar for lunch (quite a nice place to eat, actually), then heading towards GMex and the Science and Industry Museum, before coming back round and heading for the centre of the city. The area around the canal has changed massively recently, with most of the old warehouses either being converted into apartments or replaced with blocks of flats. We then did a bit of shopping, before heading back to the station and taking a somewhat quicker way home.
In all, I took about 30 photographs, which I’ll upload in due course.

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