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The results are in…

My first year results finally arrived this morning, and I’ve…

passed every module!!! 😀
I was a little worried that I may not have passed everything and would have to retake at least one module exam, but it looks like I’ve done better than I thought. In fact, in Java programming I got 90% and Key Skills for Computing Professionals I got 95%!
Although I only got 37% in one module, despite it being below the pass mark of 40% I was still given credits for it, which presumably means that the pass mark was lowered, which is good. However even if that wasn’t the case I should have still been fine – you can get away with only 35% in one module if your average is 45% or more. My average was 64.8% :).
As I said earlier in the week, I was expecting my mark in Web Technologies to be low, and, indeed, it was (47%), so I’ll need to take that up with my lecturer as I’m sure I’ve done better than that. But at least it’s not a high priority now – had I been in a situation where those extra marks would have made a difference between passing and failing then obviously I’d have been more anxious to get it looked at.
Anyway, I am now very relieved, and looking forward to going back in September to start the second year :).


  1. Congratulations Neil!
    >> looking forward to going back in September to start the second year

  2. Yeah, I’d better get some practice in over the summer…

  3. Congratulations!
    As a Computer Professional myself, I’m intrigued by the ‘Key Skills for Computer Professionals’. What sort of things do they cover? Diplomacy, patience, an understanding of human frailty – that kind of thing?

  4. Congratulations – how come you got so low on the web technologies? From what you’ve shown on here I would have thought you’d have aced it!

  5. Richard: erm… sort of. It’s a sort-of miscellaneous subject put in so that the course can be acredited by the BCS. It covers things like general computing knowledge, awareness of trends in computing, ability to work as a team, ability to write essays, ability to produce presentations, attendance record, that kind of thing. It’s worth 1/6 of the assesment for the year.
    Andy: I think they got their sums wrong, or they forgot to include some of my work, so that’s why I want to query it.
    Everyone: thanks for the encouragements 🙂