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Flogging a dead horse

Why is it that major sites still restrict usage to Internet Explorer?

Looks like I won’t be buying my music from Congratulations on alienating a potential customer before I’ve even stepped through the virtual shop door. Next, they’ll be telling you that you aren’t allowed in because you like to wear blue trousers instead of black ones.

[Inspiration from The Web Standards Project]

Update #1: According to Breaking Windows, I’m not missing much. The music you get is a DRM nightmare for the end user. I think I’ll wait until Apple iTunes makes its way to the PC platform.

Update #2: More poor reviews from AbsoBlogginLutely and ScriptyGoddess, and StereoBoy warns of servere problems with their privacy policy.


  1. Neil, I know how you feel. I’m all about Opera, but a lot of web sites complain about it.
    In order for me to print my digital pictures, I have to fire up IE and go on . It doesn’t accept any other browser, and it is the only decent photo store in town.
    So, you see, often, you just don’t have choice. Fortunately, that’s not the case with buying music online 🙂

  2. I like how some sites out there kind of “break” if you are using IE. eBay sometimes hits the fan when I browse it with IE, but is always a dream in Mozilla.
    I hear what you’re saying now and especially with a lot of people leaving IE for a better and more standards compliant broswer. It’ll eventually bite them in the ass.

  3. I’ve never noticed any strangeness with eBay in IE, but then it’s been so long since I used that browser properly I can’t remember :). It would seem a bit strange though, since eBay offers a toolbar that integrates with IE.
    I’m really hoping the tide will turn more strongly against IE in the coming months. Mozilla 1.5, if all goes well, could be quite fantastic; Opera is a good alternative and Mac users will have Safari as their default browser on most new Macs from now on. Fingers crossed…

  4. My hard disk died at work recently and, while waiting for the replacement disk to arrive, I had to use another PC for a while that only had IE on it. I found it unbelievably frustrating. All the features that I’m used to in Moz and Firebird that just make browsing easier, like pop-up ad blocking and, joy of joy, tabbed browsing, are nonexistant in IE. It seemed so old fashioned. I wondered why anyone in their right mind would use IE as their main browser and can only assume it’s through ignorance of the alternatives.