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Steal my templates!

As a gesture of kindness to the weblog community, I have released my Movable Type templates as open source. These are based on the templates which power this site, although I’ve stripped out anything that is specific to this domain and removed dependency on any external plugins.
Feel free to download them and use them on your own site.

In future, I may do the same with the template I designed for the ODP Weblog, although that will take a bit more work as it isn’t a Movable Type template.


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  2. if you set the stylesheet on your own page to point to neils, then most MT blogs will also look very similar to neils with no coding required at all 🙂
    I don’t recommend this though and if I caught someone doing that with mine i’d change my stylesheet on my pages and then make the original black on black with lots of flashing horrible things.

  3. Actually, I’d use mod_rewrite to serve up a garish design with a flashing ‘bandwidth stealer’ background.
    Actually, I might just do that… >:-)

  4. Templates

    Where does one go to find a decent free template these days? Suggestions on a postcard/comment :D…

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  7. Hi. I downloaded your template. I’m not sure if I’m going to use it (I just installed Movable Type today and need to figure it out), but I wanted to leave you a comment to let you know just in case.
    Thanks, it’s really nice.

  8. i steal from the best

    The blog has a new look, courtesy of some free templates provided by Neil Turner