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Mozilla 1.5 Alpha released

While I’ve pretty much switched to Mozilla Firebird and Thunderbird for the time being, I suppose I’d better get myself a copy of Mozilla 1.5 Alpha. There isn’t a huge amount of new features (most of them affect Composer and ChatZilla) but if I remember correctly Firebird and Thunderbird will be brought into the main trunk in 1.5 beta, so that’ll be worth holding out for.
One interesting thing is that the format of the release notes has changed. Instead of being one long confusing document, it has been split up into several more manageable pages. It’s probably related to the fact that Mozilla is now being marketed as an end-user browser, now that it is free from the shackles of Netscape and AOL, and breaking these documents up certainly makes them less daunting.
Asa has also hinted at a new logo – same dinosaur head is before, but in an aqua colour rather than sharp red. It’ll probably look great on OS X, that’s for sure.

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