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What rating is your journal?

Nothing like a good poll to fill up some space :).

PG Rated
What rating is your journal?

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Not wholly surprising. I do tend to avoid posting when I’m in a very bad mood so that I don’t offend any of my friends or family (both on or off the net). As for swearing, I don’t tend to swear excessively in real life anyway, and usually when writing blog entries I can think of alternative words to use. At least when blogging, you can take time to think about what you are writing without looking stupid, and there’s a delete key if I have second thoughts about things.

Poll idea courtesy of Random Abstract.


  1. So what made your site a PG rating then as opposed to plain U?

  2. I got a PG-13 for my blog. I occassionally swear when I’m mad, so that’ll put it up there a bit.
    I’d, personally, like to see a system that will read your blog and rate it. Then you can’t lie about your answers.