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Blocking the RIAA

The .htaccess file on the server has received another boost, and is now capable of blocking the bulk of the IPs used by the RIAA and MPAA. The list was obtained from this article on TechFocus (direct link).
Jake had already done it but when I checked about half an hour ago, more IP addresses and ranges had been added.
If you want, you can use my file, which has all of the IPs included plus all sorts of other things which block various nasties. I’ve removed the stuff that is specific to this site so it should be safe to use on your own sites.


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  5. Block the RIAA

    Neil has updated his htaccess file and made it available to all. The newest version blocks the IP addresses that are owned by the RIAA. Keep those morons off this site thank you 🙂

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    I’m giving the Blocking the DTS Agent and Blocking the RIAA .htaccess a try. Hollar if anyone experineces any troubles….

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  8. right on bro,you should have posted this at techfocus.
    we are working on makeing a htaccess/asp block project.
    come join us in blocking all the bad peeps from our websites

  9. Just wondering how this will work… All it takes is an RIAA or MPAA employee to do his scanning on a non RIAA or MPAA owned connection.

  10. .htaccess is stronger than robots.txt