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The Revolution Will Be Bitmapped

Internet Explorer Smokes CrackTim Bray wants images for a better browser campaign. He already has a couple of images, but it reminded me of one I did for my IE smokes crack article that I wrote back in April. Sadly the original image disappeared from both the server and my HD, so I don’t believe any copies remain.
However, here’s a new version. I don’t think Tim will use it due to its somewhat libellious nature, but somehow I imagine I’m the only one who has this opinion.
While I’m on the subject, you may be wondering why I still test my designs on Internet Explorer, even though I have such a low opinion of the browser. The simple fact is that so many people still insist on using it (probably because it just happens to be there, or it came with their ISP CD), and it’s likely that this will always be the case. Don’t get me wrong, I really want Mozilla, Safari, Opera and the like to succeed (partly to annoy all of these so-called ‘web designers’ who create inaccessable web sites that only work in IE). But let’s be realistic – I seriously doubt that alternative browsers will ever account for more than 25% of the browser market. But even that would be better than the 5% or so that they currently occupy, and would certainly revitalise competition in the browser market.
Okay, so a lot of silly things happened during the previous round of the browser wars (blink tags, anyone?), but I believe this time, with most of MS’s competition sticking with the standards, the innovations will be good ones. At least, let’s hope so.
Let the battle recommence.

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