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First name terms with Google

Firstly, a disclaimer. This idea has been cruelly plaigirised from this article on Luke Hutteman’s Weblog. Sorry Luke.

If you do a a Google search for “Neil”, you’ll see that this site comes 13th on the results (Neil Gaiman, another blogger, comes top). This is Luke’s explanation:

My first reaction was that someone at Google must have screwed something up, but then it dawned on me that the reason for this is that webloggers are not only link-crazy, they also typically link on a first-name-only basis, which Google obviously picks up on.

So, I’ve typed in the first names of all the bloggers on my blogroll, and given you the result. Note that Luke had already done Mark and Chris, so I’ve left them out.

Bloggers on Google
Blogger’s nameRank
Asa Dotzler20 (too many organisations called ‘ASA’ )
Meredith Peruzzi3
Jason DeFillippo5
Ben Hammersley3 (behind Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, ahead of Ben Trott. Ben Dummett not in top 20)
Kymberlie McGuire1
Vincent Flanders5 (behind Van Gogh)
Jake Ludington15 (Jake Ortman wasn’t in the top 20)
Andy HelsbyNot in top 20
Stephen DesrochesNot in top 20
Firda Beka1
Ciaran Hamilton2 (his ODP profile is #1)
Richy Chiswell1
Tony Stiedler-DennisonNot in top 20
Brian StevensNot in top 20
Sian [something]1 (don’t know her surname but she’s more popular than Sian Philips anyway)
Tricia TaylorNot in top 20, but she is 5th for Rapunzel
Kevin JamesNot in top 20
Gretchen Pirillo1
Kim CochranNot in top 20
Randy NielandNot in top 20
Lori Lockwood15

Interesting results. Having a less common name seems to help, by the looks of things. And yes, that was a table; I don’t do them very often but I felt that here it was appropriate.


  1. Put in my full name and I get ALL of the top 20 links 🙂 Put in just Helsby and I also get number one. That is definately helped by having the helsby domain.

  2. I am not really surprised I don’t rank well by my real name as I really don’t use it online much. But a search for “Tricia Taylor” my first link comes in at #21 (it points to