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Yay, I crash Netscape

Been using BrowserCam to see how this page looks in the various browsers. Although I have IE6 and various versions of Mozilla to hand, and Konqueror on my somewhat under-used Linux partition, things like IE for Mac and Safari are somewhat out of reach, so this service is useful in that it allows me to see what my site looks like in these browsers.

A trial account allows you unlimited use for 8 hours (and paid accounts cost $1 a throw, which is quite reasonable based on the time saved), so I gave it a spin. You’ll be pleased to know the site works pretty darn well, but here’s a breakdown:

Works seemingly flawlessly in:

  • Netscape 6.0+
  • Mozilla 1.0+
  • Internet Explorer 5.5+
  • Safari 1.0+
  • Konqueror 3.0.5+
  • Opera 6+

Is quirky in:

  • Internet Explorer 4.0 – 5.0 (some background overlaps)
  • AOL browser 7.0 (text was larger, but the design can cope with that)

Was readable but otherwise somewhat broken in:

  • Netscape 4.8 for Mac

As for Netscape 4.8 for Windows, it…errr… crashed :). Netscape 4.8 for Linux didn’t appear to be too happy either. But then it is a browser that’s barely changed in 5 years and has been superseded by two major new releases and numerous minor releases. Anyone who is still using it is either insane or has an insane IT department – as far as I know Mozilla runs just as well on older computers and is much more robust, so there’s no excuse for not upgrading.

Still, that’s the only major browser that posed any problems. It shows that a standards approach really does work, and that Jeffrey Zeldman hasn’t been talking out his rear end all of this time. After all, this site was only really tested properly on Mozilla, with IE used on the side, yet 99% of web users will see a site that either works fully or is only slightly messed-up.

Of course, I’m still missing Camino (which came out well in a recent CNet review comparing it to Safari), but I imagine that will work just like Mozilla. If it isn’t, let me know, and that goes for anyone who’s experiencing a fudged-up version of this page. Note, anyone using Netscape or IE before version 4 will be ignored. You people really need to upgrade.

One Comment

  1. gosh darn it – that stops me surfing your page from a freshly installed nt4 server. Now shhhh – don’t tell anyone that I’m not really building their server – I’m just surfing web pages 🙂