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The ODP’s future

There has now been an official announcement from The Open Directory Project concerning the news that Netscape will no longer release new versions of its browser and the breaking off of the Mozilla Foundation. It has been posted to the ODP weblog, but here it is to save you the click:

DMOZ was never administered by the Mozilla group. Netscape basically leveraged the name when they acquired NewHoo. There are no immediate plans to move DMOZ (or ChefMoz) under the Mozilla Foundation, nor are there plans to sell it off to the highest bidder. DMOZ will continue being the DMOZ that you know and love, operating under the Netscape brand as it has been for nearly 5 years. The changes AOL is making at Netscape concerning browser development do not affect DMOZ.

The fact that the editing side of the ODP is down for maintenance this week is also unrelated. It’s also bloody annoying :).

Update: editor morserj has posted his thoughts on the announcement to his weblog. He’s also now on the blogroll.

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  1. Thanks for the link here, and on the blogroll Neil!