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MPs with Blogs

A couple of blogs on my blogroll have been posting about Tom Watson, who, as well as being a Labour MP for West Bromwich East (as in the eastern bit of West Bromwich), is also a blogger. Today I found another one through this entry on Simon Willison’s Weblog, this time for Richard Allan, a Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam.
Not only that, but Tom links to an article on Guardian Online which goes through politcal blogs. As it is, they are the only two MPs with blogs, but there are other political blogs with a UK focus.
Now all I need to do is lobby my local Labour MP, Hugh Bayley, into setting one up :). Actually, his site isn’t too bad in terms of content (even though it uses a standard Labour template), with plenty of news about what he’s been doing for the citizens of York. It’s also why the next general election is going to be a nightmare for me – I want to vote LibDem, but Mr Bayley is such a damn good MP that I don’t want to lose ham. Bah.

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