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End of the line for Netscape

Netscape is officially dead. 7.1 looks to be the last ever release, although it will remain supported. The portal isn’t going anytime soon either.
MozillaZine has an article but CNet has far more facts, including the news that the layoffs only affect less than 10% of employees. The Mozilla effort itself has been spun off into a separate, non-protit organisation: The Mozilla Foundation. AOL pledged $2 million to help get the thing going, and will pass all Mozilla-related trademarks over to them.
What this will mean for Mozilla remains to be seen, but hopefully the end result will be a good one.
As for ChefMoz and The Open Directory Project (whose editor side is currently down for a whole week for major server upgrades), these two will remain part of Netscape for the forseeable future.

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