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XP overtaking 98

According to June’s Google Zeitgeist, more users are using Windows XP than any other operating system, including Windows 98, the former holder of the crown. XP has 33% of users, with 98 taking 32. Windows 2000 is third popular at 21%.
Windows still counts for 93% of users, however – the remaining is split between Mac users (3%), Linus users (1%) and users of other operating systems (4%). Web browser usage still sees IE6 way ahead with the number of Mozilla and Netscape 7 users remaining disappointly constant. The number of users with older versions of IE is falling, which I guess is some consolation, but is perhaps related to the uptake of XP – after all, IE6 is the only version that runs on that OS.
The statistics do contrast with those of, whose May Global Stats put XP back in third position behind 98 and 2000. There are probably several reasons for this, but my brain is starting to disengage so I won’t write about them :).


  1. I wonder if this data includes searches done on the various sites that use google’s data (MSN used to, I know AOL still does, CNN/NY Times still do, etc…). I’d like to see that data, too, as it’s more of a general public sample than folks just directly searching on, I would think.

  2. You could email their press department and ask them. It’s a good question though; I have no idea.