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The Monday Mission

Normally I never do these things, but hey, what’s wrong with a break in tradition once in a while, eh? And Meredith has already done it.

When was the last time you were in the hospital as a patient? As a visitor?

I go quite often as an out-patient to see the orthodontist – originally, my teeth were so bad that my dentist wasn’t able to treat me, so I was referred to a specialist at the hospital. I’ve been having treatment for about 5 years now, and still wear removable retainers at night, and probably will do for at least another couple of years. It’s no big deal though. My appointments are now only annually, fortunately – my next one is early October. Funnily enough, my preious appointment was last October.

I have never been an in-patient, unless you count being born, in which case the last time was over 19 years ago :). Last time I visited someone in hospital would have been seeing my grandmother after a throat operation, which I think was 2 or 3 years ago.

2. Have you ever been put under anesthesia or sedation? For what reason? Did it mess with your mind?

Never been under a general anaesthetic, but I have had local anaesthetic applied in my gums for when I’ve had teeth taken out (I have had a total of 6 teeth removed on 3 separate occasions). I also had a local anaesthetic in my top lip – I managed to get a wart there and my GP decided to burn it off with something resembling a soldering iron. I now have a small dob of scar tissue there, but it’s not really noticable, and I no longer have problems with warts or verucae.

3. Have you (or someone close to you) ever had any major surgery? How did it go?

4 years ago my mother had treatment for breast cancer, which required the removal of a lump and some surrounding tissue. She’s also had to have an eye operation, and I was born through emergency caesarian section, after natural methods failed. My father had an operation on his back 13 years ago to remove a slipped disc in his spine. They’ve both made full recoveries though.

My grandmother has probably had the most major surgery – she had a heart valve replaced.

4. How about the emergency room? Have you ever had to be taken there, or had to accompany someone else? What happened?

No on both counts, fortunately. At least not yet.

5. Have you ever donated blood (or other fluids)?

Not yet, but I keep meaning to. My mum had blood taken out of her before she gave birth, so that it could be administered back to her should she need it, ironically. I suppose it makes sense because the hospital knew that it would be a perfect match.

6. Are you an Organ Donor? How do you feel about having your organs being donated to those in need once you die? Have you or someone you know ever been the recipient of donated organs?

I carry an NHS Organ Donor card with me all the time (mainly because it’s also my Boots loyalty card :)), and I strongly believe in the system. The knowledge that your death could save someone’s life is humbling.

I don’t know of any family or friends who have received donated organs though.

7. Do you know any men who refuse, or are too afraid, to go to see a Doctor? Why are so many men like that?

I’ve known a few lads who were scared of having their injections at school, but nothing that bad. And hell knows why they are like that – maybe they don’t like accepting the fact that there’s something wrong with them, or that they’re somehow inadequate.


  1. What’s a Boots loyalty card?

  2. It’s a loyalty card for Boots, which is probably the UK’s largest pharmacy and healthcare store. A loyalty card gets you points every time you buy something there, so the more you buy, the more points you earn (you get 1 for every 25p spent), and then each point is worth 1p for use against a future purchase.
    In return, they use the transaction data to build up profiles of their customers. Most major shops and supermarkets now have them over here.
    Unfortunately, it’s nothing to do with footwear :).

  3. The Monday Mission

    Just for kicks, I’m going to try this week’s Monday Mission (after already done a Friday Five once). Got the idea from Neil’s site, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.