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Piece of the Pie

As promised, I have added a Pie/(n)Echo feed for your syndication enjoyment. It is based on Mark Pilgrim’s July 1st Prototype MT template. According to the Feed Validator, it contains no errors.

I will try and keep the template up to date as the format evolves. I have high hopes for this format and hope that its purely independent nature will bring it success. I just hope we don’t have a Ogg Vorbis/MP3 case, where Ogg Vorbis, the better, open format, still could not take the crown of MP3, which isn’t so advanced and is controlled by patents. Okay, RSS isn’t patented, but a google search for ‘Winer Number‘ will give you an idea of what the fuss is about.

I’m already liking the look of Pie – the use of UTC, proper support for encoded content (as opposed to a hacked on namespace as in RSS), and the fact that it should be quite widely supported when it’s done, what with Six Apart, Blogger and most of the other blog tool developers taking an interest.
Note that to install the MT template, you also need to install the UTCDate and LastModified plugins. They’re pretty straightforward ones, though – just a case of putting two files into your plugins folder.

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