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The first release candidate of 1.1 is out. I’m waiting for the final release, but with features such as the creation of PDF and flash files, built-in support for UK spelling, many new import formats and better Java integration I’m very tempted. users may also find ZipGenius useful. Apart from being argubly one of the best archive utilities on earth (beating WinZip on every count apart from speed), it has the ability to optimise OOo files so that they take up less space. The savings aren’t huge but you may find a use for it. Read more about it at – I’ll have a full review once I’ve had chance to meddle with it a little more.


  1. I’m downloading both the linux and the windows versions of this to see how good it is. I use an old version of UltimateZip for zipping as it was freeware and basically identical to winzip. The Zipgenius site is sooooo slow at the moment though.Guess it’s all those customers you are sending to them 🙂

  2. Why of course :).
    Actually it was TechTV’s download of the day recently. It’s probably on a mirror site somewhere, although I don’t know of any good FTP search facilities so I can’t help you locate it.
    MS Office is still better than in most respects, but you have to pay for it to use it legally and it’s Windows only, unless you get Crossover office under Linux, which you also have to pay for. Even though I can get a legit copy at vastly reduced prices, you still can’t beat free.

  3. Downloaded it eventually – I’ll let you know what I think of it. Office may be better software, but most of the people I know use Word to send letters, outlook to do the same and possibly a little bit of excel work – certainly not very complicated stuff which would make it easier to use openoffice. Having said that, we tried to load some of our office docs into OpenOffice a long time ago and they did not look the same or print the same – therefore it was useless to us – we have to have documents that come out the same no matter what program you use.