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RSS Feed Changes

The past couple of days have seen a number of changes to the RSS feed, so I thought I’d summarise these in a blog entry, just in case any of you are interested in what I’ve done.

  1. I’ve tried to remove as many ‘redundant’ namespaces as possible. This means I’m using native tags like <pubdate> and <category> instead of Dublin Core tags like <dc:date> and <dc:category> . In effect, both are correct and widely supported, but the latter are actually in the RSS 2.0 spec. The template is now based on an amalgamation of Mark Pilgrim’s RSS 2.0 feed with Creative Commons (which I believe is now the basis of the default RSS 2.0 feed in Movable Type 2.64) and Brad Choate’s feed.
  2. If an entry has comments, then the excerpt, which is shown in readers which do not support content:encoded (such as Agreg8 and FeedReader) will now show not only the word count but the number of comments.
  3. The Slash namespace has been added to show how many comments an entry has in readers that support it. SharpReader is one such client, and indeed the author uses it himself on his own blog, although only the very latest version (0.9.2, released July 8th) supports it.
  4. Fixed a bug in SharpReader where I’d removed the RDF namespace, which its XML parser didn’t like since this is used in the Creative Commons declaration. Strangely enough, the Feed Validator did not spot this – I have emailed Mark about this but have yet to receive a reply. Either way, I have added the namespace so that it should now work in SharpReader.

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