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Howard Dean’s Blog For America

The Bush administration is close to reaching the 66% mark of its 4 year term (according to Is it over yet?) so naturally we’ll start to see the campaigns for the elections in 2004 take shape.
Howard Dean, who seems to be the forerunner in the Democrat presidential campaign, has a blog, cheesily entitled Blog for America. A wise move that should bring him brownie points in the online world, at least. It’s even powered by Movable Type, and has geeky things like trackback enabled. And there’s comments too.
Of course, I’m bound to have my criticisms, and other than the name which I find immensley patronising (even though it is aimed at Americans and not anyone else), the style sheet does not work properly in Mozilla – all the text is in Times New Roman and uses the default link colours. IE users get a rather more attractive Verdana and Georgia look. I’ve not looked at the sheet in detail, but I reckon it’s a server issue as the stylesheet is sent as text/html instead of the more logical text/css . Mozilla cares about these things, you see.
Link found via BlogDex, which has admittedly been tracking it for nearly 3 weeks, but hey, I’ve been on holiday, so nyah.

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