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Nasty neck II

Remind me not to move my left arm for a while. Every time I do I get a very sharp pain in the neck area and my initial reaction is to waggle my right foot uncontrollably. Quite why I do that is beyond me, but I guess it’s some kind of bizarre reflex action. Admittedly I do have a low pain threshhold, but then I don’t suffer from the problem of uterial pliers coming along every month.
That said, I have sympathy for Jake, who has a rather more painful problem. Since healthcare isn’t covered by tax in the US (as it is here, and boy is it useful), Jake needs a spot of cash for his treatment, so I’m sure he’d be pleased by any attempts to line his PayPal account with a little more of the green stuff, or whatever colour your money is.
Meanwhile, I’ll be keeping an eye on Going Underground’s Blog, a weblog about the London Underground, which I used yesterday in my travels across London. Trust me, it’s much more interesting than it sounds, and mildly amusing in places. Found via Aderemi’s Moonlight Tales who linked to me some time ago (thanks, Techorati).


  1. Where do you live, man? I’m moving there….

  2. Well, Howard dean wants to introduce something similar in the US, if he gets elected as president…