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Battening down the hatches

I’m slowly reading through all the blogging action that I’ve missed over the past two weeks (expect an (n)Echo feed soon), but Andy’s post about blocking spambots led me to a useful article on the subject at Dive Into Mark. I already had pretty good protection against nasties but this should take it to the next level.
Early indications (well, tests with SamSpade) show that it’s working well, although my pretty new 403 pages aren’t showing since Apache encounters a 403 error when trying to get the 403 page. If that made no sense to you, then be assured that at least I know what it means. I know roughly how to fix it, but I’ll need to read a few mod_rewrite tutorials first.
I could say ‘Let me know if you have any difficulties accessing the site’ but if course, if you were having ant difficulties accessing the site you wouldn’t be seeing that message.
One side-effect of this should be a reduced bandwisth usage, which is already down dramatically, probably after I removed the image from the heading of every page. We’re nearly half-way through July and I’ve only used a measly 186MB of bandwidth – less than 10% of my limit. Not that I’m complaining, mind.
By the way, if you want a copy of my .htaccess file, drop me an email. It goes beyond what Mark offers on his page so it should be one of the most complete out there.

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