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Go away

Photo of our dodgy drive This is a message to anyone in the York area who is going from door to door asking people if they want their drives redoing.
Yes, we know our drive is in a bit of a state. Yes, we know we live in a comparitively wealthy area and probably have a bit of cash to spare. But we are not interested. We have two local builders who have offered to do it while we are away on holiday (who, I might add, were recommended to us by some friends), so there.
We don’t want your ‘bit of tarmac you got from the bloke down the pub’. We don’t care about your paving slabs that have been stolen salvaged from a pristine development in some posh area of the city. If we wanted to deal with someone in a white van with a sticker with ‘A1 Drives’ and a mobile phone number on it, we would have rung you. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.
Now, leave us in peace. All right?

One Comment

  1. I hate those people who come door to door trying to sell you stuff or offer to do repairs. I have a policy if I don’t know you, I don’t answer the door. Since anyone who doesn’t know me who knocks on my door either would want to sell me something or rob/kill me. (eeeek!!!) and I don’t want any of that!
    The few times when they have caught me off guard and I have answered the door I tell people like that I don’t own the property (but I do) and they would have to contact the owner. They usually move on pretty quickly since they know they can’t get a sale out of you.