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What ads will Google give you?

Aaron Swartz’s Google Weblog currently has a form which tells you what adverts AdSense thinks are relevent to your page. You can try it at this URL, but here’s mine:

  • Aardvark Soda Blasting – graffitti removal. Probably related to my why the comments are moderated post.
  • 20six – blogging app with support for moblogs.
  • BlogEasy – allows you to set up a blog in under 5 minutes.
  • Fusionist Network – sells underground hiphop CDs, vinyl, t-shirts, posters and art supplies. Probably slightly related to my Burn Baby Burn post but none of those songs are really hiphop.

So at least half of the 4 links are relevant, which isn’t bad I guess. This kind of relevent, unintrusive advertising is the way forward, in my opinion (rather than flashy, annoying advertising for something you probably don’t want), so I wish Google all the best with this.


  1. thats quite cool – ALL of my links were for security scanners and plugins (no suprises there.) came up with security and blogging tools. Which is weird considering they both contain roughly the same content, although is probably a couple of weeks old now.

  2. isn’t that thing from Aaron against the AdSense Terms and Conditions? Wouldn’t be suprised if his account gets kicked out soon.