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More blogs to look at

Remember when I started playing with the Google API? Well, I’ve updated the page again, and the list of links is somewhat more interesting.
Richy and Quanta feature on there, as does Lockergnome Bits & Bytes, and the old blog of ODP meta editor enarra (it’s now at So far, predictable.
Then there’s Digital Man’s Outtakes, a US blogger who also seems to read Lockergnome, and has several of the ‘usual suspects’ on his blogroll. It looks like he’s just had a birthday too.
The ‘Swaelu web design cooperative’ also features on the list, but it appears to be down. However, SQLServerCentral does work, although quite why it appears on the list I don’t know – after all I use MySQL for this, not MS’s offering.
My ICQ Unified Messaging Centre also appears. Fun.
Finally, we have another UK blogger in the form of More A Way Of Life.
The list this time certainly seems to be somewhat more relevant than before, when the links it found were rather random. I’m sure someone will offer a better explanation, but perhaps Google’s algorithm has just got better or something?
Meanwhile, I’d like to welcome Lost Pilgrim and David Raynes to the blogroll. They’ve been there for a few days now but I never got around to announcing it formally.

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