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I’ve done it!

It’s taken a little over a week, but now all of the old Blogger entries are imported and published. I’ll apologise now for the quality of some of my earlier posts, as to be honest, for the first few months I was blogging complete drivel. But you may find something useful in there. Some of the quite frankly useless posts have been removed though, and others have been edited slightly.
Part of the reasoning behind my republishing of the old posts is that some of them were quite good (particularly the later ones), and it would be a shame to lose them. By republishing them here, they are back in view of the public, and may even be of use to someone. Well, I can but hope that will be the case.
I still have the job of republishing some of my earlier Movable Type entries, which lack categories and excerpts – that will wait until after my vacation.


  1. I have just tried to read your first blog entry on January 2002 but there is no link to the full story.

  2. Well, there is a link, but it’s not that clear. I’ll sort it out, since it seems to be a usability issue.