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Browsing with Lynx

While browsing the net today, I came across Browser Emulator, which emulates older web browsers to show how your web page would probably look. It does a god job, and supports Mosaic, the early editions of Netscape Navigator and IE2.
It will, in future, also support Lynx, the DOS text browser, but it doesn’t yet. However, the Win32 build of Lynx itself isn’t that big, so I thought hey, I’ll download it. So I did.
Screenshot of this site as viewed through Lynx And here’s how this site looks in it. It seems to work well, actually – since I used logical structural markup (ie correct usage of <h*> tags), and didn’t make use of layout tables, the page is quite easy to read.
Unlike other ‘legacy’ browsers, Lynx is still being updated, and as such it appears to support HTTP/1.1 – handy, because a large number of sites now use this. Older browsers, including IE2, do not support this standard and as such some sites cannot be reached in it.

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