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I paid for Trillian

I’ve just paid the $24 for Trillian Pro. Due to the poor state the US dollar is in at the moment, it meant that it cost less than £15 for me, which considering I use the program every day is worth it.
It means I can group people who have identities on more than one network under one ‘meta contact’, I can add plugins to enhance functionality (such as an RSS reader or, eventually, add Jabber support), and it has more options (webcam support, sending txt msgs, custom contact list backgrounds, better mail management).
So, if you want a chat, I’m 149181635 on ICQ, totalxsive [at] hotmail [dot] com on MSN and totalxsiva. I’m also on Yahoo Messenger but I only accept messages from people on my contact list due to the amount of spam I get across that network, so telling you my user name would be an exercise in futility since you won’t actually be able to talk to me :).
(by the way, if you’re interested, I’m still using the Cordillera skin from Trillian 0.74D – it looks much better than the Whistler skin that is the default in Pro)


  1. I donated to the Trillian project back when it was at version .5, so I have a pro version now. I prefer the Microscopic skin, as it’s very much a “stay out of your way and let you do what you need” type of skin. And it includes a pile of cool emoticons, like my personal favorite: (middlefinger) 😉
    Microscopic can be had at
    ICQ: 7739361
    Y!: jake-ortman
    AIM: jakeortman

  2. Just tried that one (as anyone on my contact list will know by my constant logging on and logging off again over the past quarter of an hour ;)).
    It’s not bad, and certainly has a great level of customisation, but I still think Cordillera is the best. Maybe it’s because I’m used to it.