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Why I support MS’s legal action

Someone called Kevin Philips wants me to “Download This!”. Jessica H. Cooper is asking me “How do you turn it on?”. Jesse Roberts wants to know “Should we try it anyways?” [sic].
Natalie Evans tells me to “Introduce Yourself Please”. Isiah Green has said “Lets work it out”.
I have never met these people before, and I have no doubt that they don’t even exist. They have been merely created to fool people into opening emails which look legitimate, but are actually spam. And that’s why I wish Microsoft every success in suing the people who send them. If it’s difficult for me to weed out legitimate mail from spam, then it must be a nightmare for other, less savvy internet users.
What shocked me is two of the people being sued live in the UK. Fools.

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  1. Microsoft’s next anti-spam tool…

    Ironically after I posted about Microsoft’s anti-spam feature in exchange, Neil posted that Microsoft are now going to sue the spammers who sent stuff to their hotmail subscribers….Maybe I should forward them all my spam that I get on hotmail…