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Changing Permalinks

Having gone through the archives, it looks it isn’t just me who’s had a problem with their permalinks being somewhat less than permanent. I’ve had to fix links to C:\Pirillo.exe, Inside Gretchen’s Head and – in the case of the latter, the permalink format has changed twice. I’ve not even started on Absoblogginlutely
You could argue that I’m being fanatical about this but then maybe this is my ODP editing side showing through. Broken links aren’t useful for anyone, so I do like to be able to fix them. Fortunately Movable Type does have a search facility, so I can search for a blog URL and find all references to it, and then make the corrections.


  1. Actually my permalinks ARE still permanent – the old links will be valid – they just won’t point to the most uptodate domain.

  2. Ok – i’ve just checked it out by searching on your webpage and the links are wrong….weird. Its probably because I changed the archives from a weekly format to a monthly format – or at least that’s the only thing I can think of..Weird.
    PS the format should be yyyy_mm_01_archive.asp