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Bungling in the BIOS

My parents’ computer has two CD drives – a CD-ROM drive that came with the machine, and a CD-RW drive that we added later. However, some time ago, the jumper fell off the old CD-ROM drive, and seems to have gone missing. As such, although the computer detects its existence, the fact that it has no jumper means it doesn’t work – you insert a CD and nothing happens.
So, seeing as the drive is effectively useless, I had the bright idea of disabling it in the BIOS, to save a little time on bootup. The BIOS autodetects the drives every time the system boots up, so by removing this step for the dud drive, it might speed things up. I had already speeded up the process by specifying the hard drive settings, so that doesn’t have to be auto-detected, and the empty channel (Primary Slave) is not detected either.
Anyway, into the BIOS I went, and under Standard CMOS settings, I changed Secondary Slave (where the drive is located) from ‘Auto’ to ‘None’, saved the data to CMOS and rebooted. At which point, it detected the CD-RW drive as usual, and then said ‘Found CD-ROM: LTN302’.
Oh well, never mind.
Admittedly there’s probably an option to turn that off too, but it’s not like it’s a major problem or anything.


  1. Pop into your local Maplins and get the jumpers: they are about 90p for ten – and that’s the “easy to remove” sort with handy “long, finger grip” bits. They’ve come in very handy for me.

  2. Ah, so you can buy them? Great!
    It’ll have to wait a while though because Maplin hasn’t made it to York yet. Bradford has one, as does Sheffield, and there’s probably one in Leeds but I haven’t found it yet. It’s not like it’s a major priority though.

  3. this may be missing the point but until you get the jumpers why dont you just pop the case off and pull the ide cable off, and when you get new jumpers plug it all in again.
    If you are that desparate to shave those few seconds off you boot time then do the above

  4. Hmmm, hadn’t thought of that. But I’m not exactly desperate the extra speed, and I’m going to be away for a few weeks anyway so I won’t be using it.