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Progress Report

Only 100 of the old Blogger entries remain for processing, which means 260 or so are now done and the archives now go back as far as March 14th. If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve had a number of dead links to fix, I’d probably already be finished, but hey, a dead link isn’t much use to anyone, is it?
I’ll aim to get the remaining posts ready for when I go on holiday. Tomorrow I’m probably going to Leeds so I’ll have a little less time, and the weekend will most likely be spent running around like a headless chicken when I realise I don’t have half the stuff I need to go away with.


  1. Hello, me and my mates were bored, well no really, it was just me, and I was wondering if we can get to see a picture of you? Tried out all of the links etc but no o them were working! Tis frusrtating for a skiving student! Thank you Neil you… -sexy glasweigan girl x

  2. I’ll try to dig some more out. Thanks for asking.