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Getting there…

Re-editing my old entries is taking its time, but I’ve now completed June and have the final 7 days of May done, up to my 18th birthday last year. It’s been great looking back at what I did, and there have been some interesting posts, such as my views on the first anniversary of 9/11, switching over to Mozilla full time, going to university, getting my A-level results, going on holiday…
Although there’s also a lot of posts where it appears I was blogging just for the sake of filling space (the word ‘boring’ and its friends crop up a fair bit), some have been genuinely interesting, and it’s been nice to be able to read them again.

One Comment

  1. Wow, thats brave of you. I keep my earlier entries looked up in a book chained up in the attic.
    Did I mention this attic was in Mars?
    Your entries will make for some interesting reading.