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Import Progress

I didn’t make this too clear last night so I’ll explain: the Blogger entries are imported into the database, but only in ‘Draft’ mode, so they won’t appear on the public side until I change their status. I’m doing this to each entry individually, so that I can do the following:

  • Fix any outdated or invalid markup (back then I didn’t know so much about HTML semantics)
  • Add proper titles to every post
  • Remove a few entries that are no longer worth keeping, such as one linking to an eBay auction that had been deleted, without any real commentary
  • Add excerpts to every post
  • Categorise every post

My progress so far is good – all of the entries for July, August and September are done, plus most of June, so the public archives now go all the way back to June 13th 2002.
There are still 218 entries to add, but I’ll get there eventually.
However, I shouldn’t have been so mouthy about disk space. I’m using over 80MB now, so I only have 40MB of free space. Though that was after clearing 10MB of records from the Referral logger.

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