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Blogger Resurrection

I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but some time ago the site which had my old Blogger entries got hacked, and everything was lost. However, seeing as I have more disk space now, I’ve decided to import them back in, which means the archives will now go all the way back to January 2002, and will be searchable.
That is, they will be searchable once I publish them. Because Blogger is more ‘primitive’ than Movable Type, the entries have no proper title (just the first 5 words), no excerpts and no categories, so I’m going to go through each and sort them out. It’ll also be a good chance to look back at my first 8 months of blogging, although I seem to remember some of the earlier entries were on the lines of “Today I ate some cheese. Do you like cheese? (Comments: 0)”.
It’ll also explain why the entry ID for this entry jumps from 671 to 1030 – I’ve added another 360 entries.

One Comment

  1. I just posted my archives as I couldn’t be bothered to go through a year of archived posts changing the subjects and categories! Incidentally can you fix your pda file as it comes up page not found on my pda!