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More gzip things

I’m starting to learn a lot about gzip.
IE has a ‘bug’ in its gzip handling. Sort of. It appears that Mozilla can handle a file that has been gzipped more than once, whereas IE will unzip it once and then display the raw garbage. I found this out when Richy emailed me to say that gzipped was already enabled on the server, and since I was using PHP to gzip the files again, they were coming out garbled. Mozilla didn’t have a problem, but IE did, apparently. I’ve removed it from most files on the server but a general absence of free time has meant that I may have missed some. I’ll get to those in a bit.
Whether IE’s handling can be considered a bug is debatable. gzipping the files twice brings no real advantage, and greatly increases resource usage both on the server and at the client end, so why anyone would do it intentionally is beyond me. But IE is known to be nice to sloppy webmasters, so it’s strange that this confuses it. But then, MS didn’t create gzip, did they?

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