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Trackback Hack

I came across this hack on phil ringnalda dot com. It adds more functionality to the trackback notification emails, so that there is a link to the entry edit screen – the idea being that it is easier to remove unwanted pings.

The reason why Phil posted this is due to trackback spam, something I’ve not yet encountered (but then Phil has a much higher profile than me). However it will help me deal with ‘over-pinging’ – MT has quite a short timeout period when sending trackback pings and if no response is received in the allowed time, it assumes it failed and will then re-ping that weblog the next time the entry is rebuilt. So if your server isn’t the fastest in the world (like this one has been recently), every time someone saves that entry, another ping is sent.

Talking of weblog spam, I’ve taken several steps to reduce the junk comments posted here. I won’t say what they are, just in case the perpetrators find a way around it, but it seems to be effective so far. I will give you a clue though – it involves some Apache configuration.

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