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Things to do before I go on holiday

It’s now less than two weeks before we set off to France (yay!), so, mostly for my own benefit, here’s a list of things I need to do before I go…

  • Register at an employment agency for summer work
  • Pack everything up to go
  • Decide what I’m going to with the blog – I have 3 4 options:
    1. Leave it as it is
    2. Turn off comments to stop it descending into chaos while I’m away (trackback will be on)
    3. Enable the ScriptyGoddess Comment Queue Script (comments are submitted but not published until I approve them, when I get back)
    4. Ask someone to step in and keep it in check (my preferred option – any takers? Movable Type experience required)
  • Upgrade to QuickTime 6.3 (thanks to
  • Tidy up my HD (my temp folder alone is over 9MB, gawd knows what else is lurking)
  • After clearing the disk out, do the defrag dance
  • Download Mozilla 1.4 RC2 (due out imminently)
  • Burn some new CDs for listening to, and re-burn some of the older ones that have since been scratched.

I’ll probably think of other things in time. Oh, and if you’re interested, my plan for an all-nighter failed at 5:30am when I fell asleep for an hour and a half. Never mind.


  1. Hehe…I just checked my temp folder: 35 megs. I think I need to do some spring cleaning myself.

  2. 196MB of stuff in my temp – and I’ve only had the laptop about a month! And I moan at users for keeping stuff they need in temp…..
    Neil I can check your blog queue for you if you want. Just let me know. (Can’t promise I’ll be able to fix the problems your hosting company keeps giving you though.)

  3. I think the problems are over now, thankfully *crosses fingers*. They have been very honest about the whole thing and very helpful though, but then having a friend who works there helps :).