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It’s 4 o’clock in the morning…

Okay, it’s actually 4:45, and I’m still awake. In fact, I’m intent on pulling an all nighter, seeing as I’m not too tired (yet), and I’ve forgotten my sleeping bag (my bedding went home last weekend). I think I’d rather save my sleep for my comfy bed at home, rather than a matress and a pile of clothes as a makeshift pillow.
I also have a litre of coke left – no point in wasting that. And nachos too, though I don’t recall nachos having caffeine in them. And the hot chocolate is all gone. Ah well, coke it is.
I will now take back part of my complaints about Jumping Jaks. Not only did I actually get in this time, but I wasn’t even asked for ID. So much for the ‘over-21s’ rule, but from what I gather that was made up by the door staff, or something. Either way, I had a good night, and drank rather a lot, all for £8. The club is, undoubtedly, the best in Bradford, but then compared with the offerings in Leeds and Manchester that isn’t saying much, but hey, it’s a start. I imagine Bradford will be brilliant by the time I’ve graduated.

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