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Server Suicide

I really feel sorry for Richy and his hosting company right now (which is what I use for this blog). This morning, I could not get a reliable connection to anything on the site – one minute it’d work, the next it would time out. I managed to rebuild the index files and that was it, and even that took half an hour of constant retries.
And then? Nothing. The whole cgi-bin directory was 404, and the home page redirected to the host control panel. There, my passwords refused to work. Same with the FTP server. By now, I was really worried. The last time this happened, I’d got chucked off, so naturally I was fearing the worst.
Then, an email arrives. My site has been moved to a new machine with a different IP address. This is good – it’s on a new server and, based in my experiences so far, it’s much faster. The downer is that I’ve had to do update the DNS records, which don’t take effect until 9:30am tomorrow morning. Until then, it’ll still be pointing the old server, so you probably won’t be able to read this yet (if you can then, well, err… I dunno).
Also, I’m writing this from Bradford. Yep, for one night only, and for the last time this (academic) year, I’m back in my little room. My little bare room, I might add – in fact it’s so bare it’s depressing. But hey, it’s only one night. I’ve been out bowling with some of the guys (2 strikes… go me), and helped other people move out, and now I’m sat here. No TV, of course (note to self: get TV tuner card for laptop), so it’s just me and my computer. Unless I go out tonight, but I probably won’t. Besides, I spent £5 down the pub last night. On two drinks. I could buy 15 at Netto for that price.
Okay, I’m rambling. Better go before I seriously bore you.


  1. I can read it, so there. ;p

  2. Don’t even ask what it’s been like at this end: we’ve been hair pulling, referring things back to manufactures and developers, having third parties auditing and investigating and everybody is coming up with a blank. Emergency maintenance work to move customers to a new datacentre just caused both (old and new) datacentres grind to a halt due to the amount of data being suddenly transfer between them and the associated server load in updating DNS, Apache, FTP, Mail etc records.
    We could have done so much better and so many things differently, but that’s the benefit of hindsight (to paraphrase Terry out of “Time Gentlemen Please”: “Slowly, slowly, fixeee hosting”).
    As for me, well,to say I’m extremely nervous re: job security at the moment is an understatement…
    (Speaking personally)

  3. I was wondering about that. At least I can see it and therefore can get my NeilFixes ™ now. :p