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SharpReader was released this morning. It’s the first time I’ve upgraded since April, so there’s quite a few new features. I’m particularly impressed with its ability to group common posts together, even across multiple weblogs.
It also supports gzip and deflate encoding, which leads me to this question – how many other feed readers support these formats? And, if I was to enable gzip encoding on my RSS feed, would this break any of the clients? Any answers are welcome.


  1. Enabling gzip will not break any clients. Your web-server should only respond with gzip-compressed data for clients that specifically ask for it, for all others, a standard response will be sent.
    SharpReader now explicitly tells the webservers it connects to that it accepts gzip and deflate, which makes those servers that support it respond accordingly.

  2. Thanks. I was expecting that to be the case, but just wanted to be sure.