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gzipping RSS

The RSS feed is now gzipped. This shouldn’t cause any problems for most of you who use feed readers – according to Luke Hutteman’s comment, if it doesn’t understand gzip, it won’t ask for it, and the web server should send a plain HTML version. If it does understand gzip, it will say so, and so it’ll get a gzipped version. Smiles all round, then.
Getting it to work did, however, require a couple of hacks. Firstly, I had to change the .htaccess file so that .xml files were handled by the hypertext preprocessor (the server-side bit of PHP), and then had to modify the feed itself, firstly to enable gzip encoding, and then specify the correct Content-Type; otherwise the file would be sent as HTML, instead of RSS.
Anyhoo, it works. Let me know if there is any weirdness, but there shouldn’t be. Thanks go to Luke for letting me know it would work.


  1. Your page will not stop “loading” until I press the stop button on my Netscape 7 browser. This was fine yesterday.
    The new design looks promising but I think you are missing a closing tag in your gzip story as I get one big hyperlink starting from “if it doesn’t understand gzip….” until the end of the post

  2. works ok with newzcrawler