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BCS: The Matrix encourages hacking

You may well have heard about how The Matrix: Reloaded uses nmap in a hacking scene. Well, the BCS (a society of which I am a member of) is so concerned about the realistic nature of the scene, it has issued a warning about it:

Expert BCS members are warning fans of the new film hit Matrix Reloaded not to try to emulate its realistic depiction of computer hacking. Many experts are sufficiently concerned over the accuracy of some of the computing scenes to alert young enthusiasts to the illegality of hacking and to the tough prison sentences that are now being handed out to perpetrators of this crime.

Hmmm. I think that’s going a little too far…


  1. From what I saw in the film its not even obvious its nmap apart from looking at the output….she doesn’t typing in nmap -p hostname (or whatever you use for nmap)

  2. ok unless ur a real hacker ur not gunna now how she did that hack plus she did it soooo damn quick