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Sorry about the mess

I’m experimenting with a new design. I’ve yet to re-do the title bar so it’s reverted to a basic text one for the time being, but most other things should be okay. I say should because I haven’t had chance to check everything. In fact, I’ve still yet to check it in IE.
This new design will make nesting errors in the HTML markup more apparent, as I found out when I first flicked it on. These errors aren’t detectable by the W3C validator, because the markup follows the rules, but it doesn’t make sense in a semantic way. Those errors should now be fixed, but again, I’ll need to check.
So… any comments so far?

One Comment

  1. I like the new design! Simple, quick, but I liked your old site, too. And I’m sure you’ll meet all the w3c standards just fine. Mine hit about 169 in the HTML 4.0 test, but 90 of them were problems from outside code I have on there like my blog roll and ratings graphics, and others I didn’t know what the heck they were talking about…ahh well….