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Minor changes

Made a few minor changes to the main index template this morning.

  1. The calendar got ditched. Other than showing that I’m a prolific blogger, it doesn’t really serve much purpose. And in terms of HTML markup, it’s huge, so hopefully nuking it will allow my bandwidth limit to go further.
  2. There is now a countdown until I go on holiday, which is 2 weeks on Thursday.
  3. And another holiday related update – the main index will now always show the last 15 entries, no matter what days they were posted on. This is because there will be two weeks where I will not be blogging, so under the default settings after the first week this page would be empty.

If you can’t remember what I’m doing on my vacation, have a read of my ramblings from 13th April.


  1. How do you get it to do X number of days instead of the LAST X days? Its something I want to turn on in my blog too!

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