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In Brief

Another selection of minor miscellany.

Server Issues

The SQL database and web server stopped talking to each other earlier on today, so commenting and trackback were down. It also meant I was forcibly silenced. Seems to be fixed now, anyway.

Mozilla Firebird

This is now my default browser. And it may well stay that way – it is noticably faster than plain vanilla Mozilla. Mozilla Mail is still my deafult mail client but I will switch to Thunderbird when I feel the time is right.

Internet Access

Having broadband back is great. FastCache makes it even faster – although I’m not getting the same speed gains as I was on dial-up, it still makes browsing feel almost instaneous.


I fixed the MSN issues – Mr dumbass here had it set to use a proxy server on localhost:8080, which only exists when I have The Proxomitron running, which, now that I’m using Mozilla, is quite rare. A look at the Trillian forums suggests that Jabber support is coming to Trillian Pro, with a nice purple icon.

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