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More eBay auctions

If you live in the UK and have a Nokia or Sagem mobile phone, you may be interested in these two auctions I’m currently running. One is a standard Nokia charger, with bids opening at £2.00, and the other is a Sagem phone charger, with bids opening at 50p. Both items were lying around in the house so I figured I could sell them and make a bit of moolah in the process. Well, okay, perhaps not on the Sagem one (it cost 20p to put up the listing and will cost more than 30p to post) but hopefully someone will find it useful, since I certainly won’t.
I’m selling the items now before the 1st of July comes along – in line with EU regulations, eBay UK will start charging VAT (sales tax) on all items, so the cost of selling will go up. Not by much, but considering I’m not making that much money on what I sell, I might as well get in early and ‘maximise my profits’.
Oh yeah, and I’m back home now :). I haven’t really unpacked much because I’m still tired after last night, but give me a day or two and everything should be fine. We even managed to get all of my stuff into the car – it didn’t require two trips.


  1. I was beginning to wonder what “UK” meant.

  2. Sometimes I have to remind myself…